We use to do rotoscope to provide alpha mattes for vfx compositing and stereo conversion or color correction and maintain motion blur as well as per the requirements..


We use such kind of techniques to clean the unwanted area or character, so it can be composite according to the requirement.


It is not only to remove the chroma whether blue or green, but also remove color from particular footage or image through chroma removal techniques and luma key. Chroma usually uses to remove background or replace bg.


The use of 3D animation in live-action movies would be very limited without matchmoving. Maya and 3D Equalizer re-create the movement of the camera so that visual effects can be placed into the scene and in object tracking we re-create the movement of object one of the moving objects in the frame.


Compositing makes the video more authentic and realistic and we do the same to make it presentable with the audience.

3D Modelling and Texturing

We use to model and texture characters, objects, buildings etc for movies and commercials.

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